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What you'll learn

  • Learning the function of a community of people who know what they are called to be in a specific region.
  • Understanding how to partner with heaven in creating kingdom culture on earth.
  • What the three components are in building a successful ARC.
  • The definition of an Apostolic Resource Center.
  • How ARC’s function in the region.
  • What the threefold focus of an ARC should be.


  • Current translation of the Bible
  • Desire to learn about something amazing
  • Willingness to invest in yourself for 30 mins. 


Apostolic Resource Centers (ARCs) are hubs, embassies, and war rooms.  They won’t take over the church, they will honor the church. They are powerful people running together unapologetically, being who God called them to be and make space for the people around them. They walk in humility to build something they have never built before like Noah did.  They will stand in a place of intimacy, authority, and make decrees to bring heaven on earth in their region.  They know how to mobilize a ton of people to successfully bring heaven on earth for a region.  Not only do they transform their region but they train up and equip others to go out and bring heaven on earth to their region.  They are aware of the times and seasons of the Lord and can declare from that place of intimacy.  These are Father’s and Mother’s who build up the family instead of building a monument to themselves. They are leaders in innovation in every sphere of society.  This is the ARC, that the presence of the Lord isn’t just inside the four walls of, but is actually in the region because of the people’s faithful covenant commitment to the Lord.    

Quote From Course:

“That’s what these Apostolic Resource Center’s look like.  They are powerful people running together, who know how to make space for each other.  They are emotionally healthy enough to happen unapologetically but also to know how to make space for other people.”

What this course is for

  • Anyone interested in studying what an apostolic resource center is.


Bobby Haaby

Bobby is a catalyst and thought leader who is encouraging and provoking the Church to put Apostolic feet to Prophetic hope. As a Senior Leader of Eagle Mountain, an Apostolic Resource Center in Bend Oregon, Bobby thrives in creating an atmosphere where powerful people can run together and partner with God to release Heaven On Earth.

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