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What you'll learn

  • How to move out with Kingdom strategy into the things God is calling you to through the experiences shared by our speakers.
  • Important places and ways to partner with God in business.
  • What an Apostolic resource Center is and is called to do.


  • Current translation of the Bible
  • Desire to learn about something amazing
  • Willingness to invest in yourself for 16 hours. 


Luke 5:38 states that new wine must be poured into new wine skins. In this unprecedented hour of reformation, the Lord is actively positioning mature sons and daughters on the leading edge of the greatest global advancements in human history.

As we prepare for what God is about to pour out, we are beginning to see enormous acceleration, innovation and creativity being released throughout the body of Christ. This requires new wine skins—new collaboration, new models, new methods, new infrastructure, new approaches, new mindsets, and an ancient devotion. The impact of these new wine skins will affect all aspects of civil society: for profit, non-profit and civic. Hub Nation is a Kingdom mobilization summit focused on major global impact technologies, capitalization vehicles, communication infrastructures and apostolic resource centers (ARCs).

What this course is for

  • Hub Nation facilitates strategic action plans that solve problems in our cities and nations.
  • We are uniting and mobilizing powerful people with a passion to fuel cultural reformation.
  • We are partnering with apostolic resource centers and marketplace leaders worldwide to advance
    the Kingdom of Heaven and implement the solutions that are on God’s heart.


Dave Yarnes

Dave Hodgson

Johnny Enlow

Bobby & Becky Haaby

Steve Wilson

Anna Kramer

James Kramer

Mark Simon

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  • 18 Lessons