Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow /// 7 Mountain Mandate – Micro Course

What are the 7 mountains?  Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow have written books, courses, and an app to help people discover which of the 7 mountains they are called to, and to enter into deeper relationship with God releasing His character and nature in that mountain.  This Micro Course will help give you the resources to pursue your 7 Mountain Mandate.

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What you'll learn

  • What the seven mountains are.
  • Why are we focusing on these mountains.
  • Johnny explains the revelation process.
  • Valuable examples of how you can shape culture in the 7 Mts.
  • Information of where you can get resources to find your place in the 7 Mts.
  • Revelation on how God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


  • Current translation of the Bible
  • Desire to learn about something amazing!
  • A way to take notes.


Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow have many resources regarding the 7 Mountains.  In this video series they refer to several books, a course on their websites (, and a Rise Global Community app (that is still in the beginning phase and available for download).  All these resources will help you learn what the 7 Mountains are, how to find your place in the seven mountains, and a way to connect reformers to collaborate together in their mountain.  Along with these amazing resources, Johnny and Elizabeth share valuable revelation they have received, from scripture, that will help us understand the 7 Mountain Mandate better.  These are exciting times of shaping society to reflect the kingdom of God.  Imagine what the world would look like if Christain’s led society with innovation, witty ideas, strategies from heaven, creativity, and love in every mountain!  Together we can come unite as the body of Christ and partner with God, so that His kingdom comes and His will is done on earth as it is in heaven.   

Students in this course will be encouraged to go deeper through the other resources available:

  • has their Rise Handbook and eCourse.
  • has the Rise Summit: A Clarion Call, Restore: Media/Arts & Entertainment, Restore: Family & Education, Restore: Government & Economy, this micro- course, and with more coming.
  • Also the Rise Global Community App is continuing to develop as an incredible way to network, discover which mountain you are called to, and strategize with other like minded people.

All of these are to give a space and place for the body of Christ to put “Apostolic Feet to Prophetic Hope,” as Bobby Haaby likes to say. It is wonderful to hear from God. It is even better for that word to be applied on the earth. 

What this course is for

  • Anyone wanting a quick introduction to the seven mountain mandate.
  • To give greater understanding to what God has put on the Enlow’s hearts.
  • To bless and encourage your soul to move into the calling that God has on your life.


Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow are social reformers at heart, as well as international speakers and authors of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, Rainbow God, The Seven Mountain Renaissance, Becoming A Superhero, RISE, and God in Every Season. As ones focused on the reformation of the 7 primary areas of culture, they are spiritual mentors to many in Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education. 

Johnny and Elizabeth are spiritual parents to many throughout the nations, as well as their son and 4 daughters —and grandparents to one grandson, so far. Together they are co-founders of Restore7 ministry, which globally serves influencers in every area of society. Their current focus is on projects including an app called RISE which serves as a connecting point for a global community of reformers, producing a documentary about the Peruvian economic miracle, and launching several new non profits including a Christian government training center in Washington, DC. Their passion is to awaken our generation to the reality of the God of all of life, Who not only cares for our souls, but also has practical solutions to offer through His sons and daughters for every problem that exists in society.

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