David Vallier /// Words of Encouragement for Worship Communities – Micro Course

Filmed during the launch of Awaken the Dawn 2021 Movement Conference, this micro eCourse is inspirational, encouraging, and practical for worship communities! David Vallier who is with MornigStar Ministries is such an experienced and great teacher. This is a great eCourse for people on the go!

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What you'll learn

  • Encouragement to create a space with no agenda
  • Practicing the presence
  • Spontaneity is important
  • How to navigate a certain level of musicianship with volunteers
  • How to encourage singers to become more versatile
  • How to grow in our skill


  • Desire to learn from someone else’s experience.
  • Willingness to invest in yourself for 30mins. 


This micro eCourse is so practical, encouraging, and informative! David Vallier has so much experience and is a wonderful teacher. This content is so valuable that despite some technical issues with our sound, we knew this would be so good for the worship community! Words of Encouragement for Worship Communities was filmed during the Launch of Awaken the Dawn 2021. You can find this event in our eCourses as well.

Micro courses are great power packed teachings. Each video is usually under 10 minutes each. This one is no exception! It is amazing the depth of wisdom and revelation that can be packed into such a short course! We highly recommend buying this course, taking notes, and watching it more than once. I gain more layers of understanding each time I go through these courses. Be blessed as you seek out the Kingdom of God through the worship community!

  • Why is creating a space with no agenda important?
  • How do you practice the presence and why?
  • Why can’t I just show up and practice?
  • Why is growth necessary?

These questions are addressed in this Micro – Course. For the busy individual wanting deeper insight into worship, this is the course for you!

What this course is for

  • Anyone interested in being on a worship team.
  • Worship Leaders.
  • Church leaders who are overseeing worship teams.
  • Vocalists on a worship team.
  • Musicians on a worship team.


David Vallier

David Vallier is a singer, songwriter, and worship leader based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is currently the worship director with MorningStar Ministries and founder of Wild Love. David is featured on various projects, such as Wild Love, Sovereign, and Crash This Place. David has traveled extensively leading worship and consulting creative communities.


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