Not Less or Equal but GREATER – Conference eCourse

It’s time to awaken to the GREATER things God wants to do through a supernatural church. The watermark continues to rise as God networks the body of Christ into fullness and wholeness. Competition, criticism, and accusation within the body are being destroyed by the perfecting love of God.

Are you ready? Are you allowing the watermark of God’s power and love rise in your life?

After feeling the call to minister at age twelve, Chris Reed started speaking and accepting invitations to minister on a regular basis at the age of fifteen. Not long after turning nineteen, he began serving as an assistant/associate pastor speaking at over two hundred churches, revivals, and crusades. At the age of twenty-five, he was elected pastor of The Revival Center church of Peru, Indiana. Since that time, hundreds have been baptized, Spirit-filled, and are now actively working in or seeking their purpose. Pastor Reed focuses on revival and evangelism, while also putting members into their ministry and purpose to change their world.

Tom Hardiman is Vice President of Spiritual Services at MorningStar Ministries. He and his wife, Mary Anne, direct the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries. Tom oversees a network of more than five hundred pastors, churches, and ministries throughout the world. Mary Anne has a passion to educate our nation about America’s true spiritual foundations. Previously a teacher at The Comenius School for Creative Leadership, Mary Anne is also the director of Morningstar’s Women’s Ministry, Shine.

Bobby & Becky Haaby are catalyst’s, thought leaders, and Senior Leaders at Eagle Mountain in Bend, OR. Their heart is to put “Apostolic feet to Prophetic hope.” They thrive in creating an atmosphere where powerful people can run together and partner with God to release Heaven On Earth. Together they have given their lives to see Christianity defined by the tangible presence of God, an atmosphere of training and discipleship, signs and wonders, and by releasing heavens blueprints for societal transformation that solves the worlds most pressing problems.

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