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    Tribe Essentials /// The 7 C’s

    Welcome to Tribe Essentials! This eCourse has been created especially for you to learn the Culture of Heaven, we as a tribe, are building at…
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    Tribe Essentials /// Vision

    Are you loving Eagle Mountain and wanting to know more about our culture? We have a fun and exciting way for you to do just that! Click on the link below and you will be given access to free video content from Bobby Haaby. He gives in depth revelation on the culture being established at Eagle Mountain and why. It’s truly exciting!  Just in case you have questions, write them down and every second Sunday of the month you can meet in the Upper Room from 9am - 10:15am with a couple of our leaders who will do their best to answer your questions!


    We are shaping society outside the church. Church inside the church should for equipping for what we do outside the church. We are an ARC. Revival culture process, that is Spirit led and leads us to be completely prepared.
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    World Changers /// Year 1 – Track 2

    Preview This Course What you’ll learn Identity, not just who you are individually but who you are in a team Kingdom DNA The tension…
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    World Changers Course /// Year 1 – Track 1 ( 5 course Bundle)

    Preview This Course What you’ll learn How to Run with Powerful People. The Need for Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. What is an Apostolic Resource Center?…
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    YOUR Original Design

    The YOUR Original Design Micro Course will be released in January 2024! We can hardly wait!