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  • Prayer in of itself isn’t the call, it’s relationship through prayer.
  • When a women is in transition there is often a crying out, grunt, or tears before the baby is born. Baby (the new things) are coming whether we think we are ready or not. Let’s get set mentally, in our heart, and in our spirit for this new birth God is doing throughout the body of Christ!
  • Keeping our eyes on Jesus.
  • Healing between generations.
  • How God is moving with GenZ.
  • How to have an aligned heart in worship.


  • Open to learning about what prayer really is.
  • Desire to learn about something amazing
  • Willingness to invest in yourself as you take the time to participate in this event even through the replay! 


We are so excited to host Movement 2021 in our new MASSIVE TENT! The church is leaving the building. We encountered a time in Jesus’ presence that was life-changing as we came together around Him. This tent will go across the nation but you don’t want to miss this kick-off gathering! God wants to fill our streets, cities, and campuses!

What this course is for

The focus of the eCourse is to birth a new prayer movement that is focused on Jesus. Many times travailing and weeping are mentioned during this event. Prophetically, we heard the Lord saying this was a time of transition, as a woman would give birth there would be a grunt, screams, and or tears right before the baby was born. This time is where we come to terms that whether we feel ready or not a “new thing” is about to be birthed. We can’t stop the birth, we just have to work with our body to participate in the delivery. God is calling us to be apart of delivering the “new thing” that He has planned for this time, season, and age that we are in. 

Transition and birthing can be messy but beauty and healing are a part of the process:

  • We had a time of generational healing.
  • One of our speakers shared how God has been leading him to reach Gen Z.
  • There were times of weeping and deep crying out unto the Lord.
  • Let’s get ready for the “new things” being birthed!


David Bradshaw

Allen Hood

Aaron Custalow

Billy Humphrey

Thai Lam

David Vallier

Michael Miller

Michael Koulianos

Misty Edwards

Scott Coats

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