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LIVE Access (this is for live access during the workshop)


    1. Yes, included in the eCourse is long term access to the replay. We will email everyone after the eCourse is ready in 7 – 14 days after the live workshop. Once you are logged into kingdomlearing.life, then you’d click on my courses, click on the course you want to watch and then scroll to the lesson.

  1. Will we be able to re-watch the lessons online after this live presentation is done? There is a lot to ponder and re-think based on the awareness about our and others’ Core Identities plus the Blend types.

  2. When building teams is it good to fill out the team with people with complementary CORE Identities? Many people believe that by focusing on your strengths and working with others having different, complementary strengths the team as a whole is more productive and effective.

  3. In the beginning you stated that our CORE Identity is by God’s divine design. So if God has designed me to be one or two primary CORE Identities, why should I have to switch to the other CORE Identities that God didn’t design me to primarily work in. I do understand that others with different CORE Identities are needed and should be valued, however, I don’t know if I would switch to a CORE Identity that is more difficult for me to switch to.