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Session 6 Workbook

Facilitator Instructions: Prepare verse cards for Shame section to be read after each point is made, and place on tables or assign Scriptures ahead of time by email or text. Pause video to look up and read each of these.


WORSHIP AND PRAYER This is Amazing Grace or How Great the Father’s Love for Us. Psalm 34:5 Prayer  

Please take a moment to look up the verses on your verse cards or sent to you and be ready to read yours when they appear in the lessen if you are doing the class with a group. If doing it yourself, please pause the video to look up and read each Scripture. 

REVIEW FROM LAST WEEK: We talked about abortion facts, the trauma, and the sin. We discussed how greatly the resulting denial often plays a role in many aspects. We also encourage you to do your own research: Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women and Hush Documentary. 

GROUP DISCUSSION: What impressed you from last week’s class about abortion trauma and denial?

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