Opportunity to host the GREATER conference at YOUR home church email!


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Hey everyone,

Please take a moment to watch this short video!

We wanted to extend an invite to you all for a very unique opportunity.

As you may know Chris Reed, the Hardiman’s, Lana Vawser, Bobby Haaby, and Steve Shultz will all be speaking at the GREATER conference in Bend Oregon.

This event will not just a “regular conference”, but will be a very powerful prophetic calling and experience; tickets are available for both in person and digital. It’s important to understand that a digital ticket for this conference is very different from other events. This won’t just be a camera setup in the back of the room, this event is being created from it’s foundation to be an incredible interactive experience, we expect the “primary audience” to be attending digitally and have taken great care to make sure that experience will be truly outstanding.

There are 2 different ways you can participate: Frist would be to simply attend in person or digitally and to help us share about this very important event through emails, social media, and from your services. The second way would be to sign up as a “Host Partner” We are looking for ministries all over the world to participate together in this event as a Host Partner by “hosting” the event at YOUR location, not only will you be able to “host” this event at your location, but also participate in the ticket sale revenue!

How does that work you might be asking? It’s actually quite simple; totally free, and even potentially a significant way of generating revenue for your ministry!

Very simply in 4 steps:

1. You sign up with the link below.

2. Our team emails you a ‘host welcome packet” with everything you need.

3. You promote with social, email, from the stage, etc.

4. As people sign up you earn 50% of all ticket sales for your ministry.

5. Our team provides you everything you need to “stream” an HD digital feed of the live event, we also help you test that feed.

6. During the event you open your doors and provide a space for the people that have signed up through your promotion to “participate” You simply provide the space and coffee and doughnuts (coffee and doughnuts are optional of course, but who doesn’t like coffee and doughnuts”

7. Everyone that purchases a tickets gets to participate digitally together in your space, watching the livestream together.

8. All the follow up, replay access and after event customer service is provided by our team!

That’s it! You sign up and agree to promote and open your doors to host, we provide everything else and everyone gets to participate “together” from literally all over the world!

This is a HUGE potential revenue opportunity for your ministry! The digital tickets for GREATER are $69.00 we’ll provide you with a special code for your people that gives them $10.00 off. This means that the ticket for someone to participate at your location would only be $59.00. For every ticket that is purchased from your promotion you receive 50%! So if you promote this even really well, and let’s say for example you sell 80 tickets, your rev share would be $2360! If you sell 200, for example, your rev share would be $5900. The amazing part about this opportunity from a financial standpoint, is you are essentially able to “host” an event with Chris Reed, the Hardiman’s, Lana Vawser, Bobby Haaby and others with zero financial risk. As you are aware, an event like this costs 10s of thousands of dollars to produce. This new and innovative model is so powerful because it allows ministries from all over the world to participate in ways they typically never could.

While this is a very new model, we have been doing this for some time now, and have seen incredible success. In past events from this year alone ministries have earn over 105K in rev share from a single event. This can be a massive opportunity especially in these times from a financial standpoint.

Ok then, if you would like to sign up it’s super easy. Just follow this link: https://www.kingdomlearning.life/cohort/ It only takes a 30 seconds to sign up, and then our team will generate everything you’ll need to start promotions as well as send you the full “Hosting Welcome Packet” with everything set to go so you can have an incredible experience.

If you have ANY questions, no worries at all, please call Bobby Haaby or Chris Behnke and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions! Contact Info:

Bobby Haaby (541) 390-1350 Personal cell Email bobby@eaglemountain.global

Chris Behnke (541) 420-8970 Personal cell Email chris@eaglemountain.global