Ep35 /// The Stand

Sometimes when we get a word from the Lord it doesn’t mean what we think it means and God invites us to go deeper.  Recently the Body of Christ heard the word “Stand” and we were invited to go deeper into the meaning.  As we began to discuss 9 variations of the word “stand” we felt the weight of those wash over us. Should we stand with or against, should we stand up or stand on, and how do we honor those who are feeling led by God to stand differently than we are feeling led to stand? Can we stand and do what we need to do and do it with the right heart towards each other?

In This EM Radio Episode You Will Learn:

  • How do we honor one another when we are called to do things differently?
  • How are our hearts positioned on current topics?
  • Does our response reflect what we believe?
  • Revelation on the word “stand”.
  • What if I’m too tired to stand?
  • What does the armor have to do with “standing”?

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