Ep46 /// Thriving in Every Season

We are meant to thrive in every season and bear good fruit of the spirit. The enemy of thriving is thinking it’s “good enough.” We need to raise our expectations for the “GREAT.” The enemy of a great marriage is a good enough marriage. The enemy of a great business is a good enough business. What can we do right now to thrive? 

In This EM Radio Episode:

How Can We Thrive Now?

  • Dream with God.
  • Stretch out our Tent pegs.
  • Kick good enough to the curb and go for great!
  • Assess our feelings instead of sweeping them under the carpet. 
  • We can’t let our own life experience set the context for how we are going to dream with God.
  • We have to be intentional in writing down what God gives us and then remembering it often.
  • Managing our expectations.
  • Things don’t have to be wrong for us to change.

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