Ep75 /// Whoever Believes Will Not Act Hastily /// Sapere Aude

Haste- without sufficient care or attention: unnecessarily quickly or rashly; impetuously: Shall not make haste (To Flee with Alarm) Whoever believes will not flee with Alarm We might be picturing “fleeing with Alarm”, like a movie with a catastrophic event, mass hysteria, panic, everyone running to the mountains, the freeways are backed up for hundreds of miles. The picture here is one where one’s journey with the Lord has caused them to have such a calm resolve about them that they are unmoved, undeterred, unshaken by the ebbs and flows of what the devil (little d) attempts to defeat them with A calm resolve that isn’t dictated to by what others around them are freaking out about, a calm resolve that maintains peace regardless of what mandate comes from Salem or Wash D.C. Check out more worship songs and great messages of hope, truth and grow deeper in your relationship with God at www.eaglemountain.tv