Ep16 /// Hearing From The Lord With Don Potter – Part 2

During episode 15 of Eagle Mountain Radio, we had the great honor of Interviewing Don Potter right from inside the Hub Nation Digital conference! It was an incredible interview, and was actually broken into 2 parts because we just couldn’t stop interviewing him!

This is PART II

You can learn more about Don Potter here: https://www.potterschoolhaus.com & here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Potter_(musician)

About Don Potter

Don has been singing, playing guitar, writing songs, and recording and producing music since the 1970s, and has performed with many notable artists. He played acoustic guitar on the 1971 release of Chuck Mangione‘s Friends & Love – a Chuck Mangione Concert. Potter used to be a member of the Show Stoppers rock and roll band and the Don Potter and Bat McGrath duo based in Rochester, New York

Potter’s website gives emphasis to his ministry as a worship leader in churches, with the style of prophetic worship, seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit in every meeting.

As well as recording numerous albums of his own music, Potter has written many articles and a book about worship called Facing the Wall.

Potter and his wife Christine reside in North Carolina.