Ep18 /// Love After Marriage for Such a Time As This With Paul & Sue Lavier

Love After Marriage (LAMs) isn’t about behavior but transformation and community through the relationships with other couples at your table.  Paul and Sue Lavier start with our personal relationship with Holy Spirit and then go into generational strongholds, forgiveness, identity alignment of who God truly created you to be, relationship, and practical tips. Bobby Haaby, Chris Behnke both said this is very different from many other marriage conferences out there.  This EM Radio episode is perfect for this chaotic time we are in, where we find more time with our families than we are used to.  We can set ourselves up for success to invest in ourselves before there are problems in our relationships and there are testimonies of couples being healed with divorce papers in hand.

What You’ll Learn Through This EM Radio Episode:

  • What is Love After Marriage (LAMs)
  • What is the process of LAMs
  • What will happen for me attending LAMs
  • Is this just for marriage relationships
  • Why an online conference
  • Do on-line conferences work
  • How is LAMs different from other marriage workshops