Ep14 /// Responsibilities Kingdom Business Leaders Have During Times Of Uncertainty With Dave Yarnes

Why do we seem so desperate to “get back to normal” when it very well might be that God is changing what “normal” looks like. What are the questions Kingdom minded business leaders should be asking during uncertain times.

What are the responsibilities we have as Christian business leaders? You don’t want to miss this episode where with guest Dave Yarnes, CEO and Founder of Kingdom Business Association.

You can learn more about Dave here: https://daveyarnes.com/
You can learn more about Kingdom Business Association (KBA) here: https://kbabiz.com/
You can also catch Dave’s new podcast here (Drive Time With David & Dave): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/drivetime-with-david-and-dave/id1503602278

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Dave Yarnes Bio

David Yarnes represents a unique voice in business today. He has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 30 years, starting or owning businesses such as award-winning hotels and restaurants, a nationally chartered bank, and a performing arts center. His range of experience and depth of knowledge is in high demand as an executive coach, consultant, and keynote speaker. Dave’s humor, candor, and spiritual insight paints a picture of business that is not often seen.

Dave has been a private investor whose diversified portfolio has held ownership, equity or management concerns while developing and funding ventures in a vast range of fields. His philanthropic pursuits carry as much diversity as his working career which include developing micro-financing and emerging world initiatives for housing, education, health care, and poverty relief efforts in India, Africa and South America. Dave continues to make personal investments in emerging foreign companies that have a humanitarian thrust.

Currently, Dave is based in Fort Mill, South Carolina while he maintains active enterprises and initiatives worldwide. Dave has been married to his wife Gina for over 25 years and has three sons: Matthew, Nathan, and Samuel.