Ep12 /// The Critical Importance Of Prayer During Crisis With Corey Russell

Why do so many people only pray when they are in trouble? What does God say about prayer? How did Jesus model prayer for us during his own life and ministry? Join us for this episode of Eagle Mountain Radio as we discuss “The critical importance of prayer during crisis” With guest Corey Russell. In this episode, we get to hear very practical truths about the power of prayer not only during a crisis, but during every aspect of our lives. Hear from Corey what he see’s specifically happening in the world today, and as Christians what our response should be.

You can learn more about Corey’s ministries here: https://coreyrussell.org
You can also find a lot of the eCourses and resources we discussed here: https://coreyrussellonline.com

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Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/brotherrussell
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Corey Russell Bio

On February 18, 1997, I experienced a radical salvation experience in my college parking lot in Northwest Arkansas. I was immediately set free from a life of drugs, alcohol, and immorality and was set on fire by Jesus Christ. I was born again in revival and my first six months of salvation was marked by 5 meetings a week, and many hours in Prayer and the Presence. From the beginning, I was marked with an intense desire to be in the presence of God and prayer continually.

In 2000, after graduating with an education degree, the Lord made it very clear to us to move to Kansas City to join a new ministry called, “International House of Prayer” in Kansas City, MO. This ministry has continued for over 20 years in day and night prayer and this call to prayer and worship deeply resonated with who we are. We served on the leadership team at IHOP-KC for over 18 years and they were amazing years. I would spend 30+ hours a week in prayer, fasting and study and We both led in prayer and worship on teams. I taught in the Bible school, internships and also spoke at all of the conferences. I’ve also traveled extensively around the world awakening prayer at conferences and churches since 2005. During those years, I wrote 5 books and released 5 prayer albums.