Christine Potter /// Christine’s Journal Entries


This is such a treasure as we get to hear from Christine Potter as she shares from her journal! Christine has such a gift of being real and honest that lead us into a deeper presence of God. The Father has blessed us with such a humble and free person in Christine. Her ability to bring truth in love and not be limited by what people think has made her such a delight. Let’s listen in as she shares about the incredible things God reveled to her as she sat with her journal and pen.

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My journal is my meeting place with God. I’ve entered into that flow and He can be really chatty at times.


Christine Potter

Christine Potter is most recognized for her prophetic intercession with musician husband, Don Potter. She defines her prophetic intercession as a life surrendered; spirit, soul and body, allowing Holy Spirit to flow through her giving demonstration as He pleases. This intercession may manifest as actions of movement, song, or teaching in a style that is uniquely her own. These actions bring an atmosphere of liberty that makes space for others to unashamed-ably be more fully who He made them to be. 


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