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We believe the number one need in Christianity today is spiritual authority. Jesus gained that authority back on earth and wants to give it to you. The Isaiah 9:7 movement is passionate about positioning teams for spiritual authority in cities, states, nations and spheres of influence. This eCourse is anointed and full of incredible valuable content. Get ready to take notes and encounter God.



Isaiah 9:7 is a movement passionate about equipping apostolic groups to increase God’s government in their state and nation. This eCourse is anointed and full of incredible valuable content. They have amazing resources! Get ready to take notes and encounter God.


  • Emmanuel Baba-Lola

    Emmanuel Baba-Lola
  • Maria Erickson

    Maria Erickson
  • Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson


This course lays out the structure of increasing God’s government in your city, state, and nation. You will receive deeper insight into what that means, why it is necessary, and how to start and develop teams organically being led by Holy Spirit. The textbook is an important resource for those who feel God pulling them to go deeper in the how to.  God has given Steve Wilson teams that are dedicated to equipping apostolic teams globally. You will find more of these resources on and We are a people passionate about being “sent ones” and increasing God’s government in our states and nations! 

Students in this course will study from Jesus’ examples of how He increased God’s government every where He went and how that applies to us:

  • The Isaiah 9:7 digital textbook is included in this eCourse! Please check your emails for it.
  • We will study the interactions of Jesus and His disciples.
  • You will learn what it means to be sent out as an apostle according to scripture.
  • You will also learn what it means to have authority.

This course contains 8 sessions by Dr. Maria Erickson, Pastor Emmanuel Baba-Lola, Steven J. Wilson and includes many guests! Along with corresponding quizzes to check your comprehension and help you engage with the material. We encourage you to also use the digital textbook along with this eCourse. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of how to increase God’s government in your state and nation. DIGITAL TEXTBOOK INCLUDED in the first lesson!