RISE summit / Email To All Attendees # 5

We are so excited to host this incredible event coming right up! We wanted to shoot you this important video so you know EXACTLY what to do next, and what to expect this weekend!

1st! Please take a moment to watch this video all the way through!

2nd! DIGITAL ATTENDEES ONLY! Register for the HOPIN platform link below (this is how we will be delivering the summit to digital attendees)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have signed up for Hopin.com access! (free) click here. (This is REQUIRED to attend RISE Summit)

3rd! You can find a detailed agenda below! (Make sure and look at the required (Digital Event Checkin) on Thursday, this is VERY Important to fully test your connection for a good experience!


Rise Summit: A Clarion Call to Reformers

Current Schedule (PDT) Los Angeles time

March 25th – Thursday 3-6pm

Required digital event check-in Sometime between 3pm and 6pm PDT you need to log in To https://hopin.com/events/rise-summit-2021?code=KaML0LjisRrecZZIDlrVgioRw and check your connection. This should only take about five – ten minutes, and is VERY important to ensure a great experience for the summit.

March 26th – Friday 1pm to 9pm (PDT)

Registration and Cafe open – 11:30
Worship 1-2
Speakers 2-5
Keynotes and worship 7-9

March 27th – Saturday 9am-9pm

Registration and Cafe open – 7:30
Worship 9-10
Speakers 10-12
Speakers 1-5
Keynotes and worship 7-9

If you are attending in person with an “In Studio Pass” the address is: Eagle Mountain Event Center: Lower Level 2221 NE 3rd St., Bend, OR 97701

If you have any questions, please email support@kingdomlearning.life right away and our team will help you!

~ Kingdom Learning / RISE Summit Support Team