What is Eagle Mountain School of Apostolic Reformation?

There are 3 ways to learn at our schools:

  • In person classes (10 week tracks).
  • Livestream classes (10 week tracks).
  • A la carte eCourses, Workshops, & events.

You can learn more about and browse our extensive library of eCourses by clicking on the “store” link above.

In-Person & Live Stream Classes Overview

Eagle Mountain School of Apostilic Reformation (S.O.A.R) is a 3 year program made of 9 distinct tracks. Each track is purposefully crafted to be both affordable ($400 per track, or $1200 per year) as well as “obtainable”. Classes can be taken either in person on live stream. Each track is 10 weeks long, you can expect about 4 – 6 hours of work per week.

Year 1 – World Changers

  • Track 1 – DNA
    • DNA – In this track we are going after your identity, not just your identity in Christ, but your actual God given design. The Bible says that God Designed every person ON purpose FOR a purpose before the foundations of the earth. You matter, you are made for a purpose, we go after that in this 10 week track.
  • Track 2 – Leadership
    • Leadership – In this track you discover that you have been given favor and power by God to impact the world around you. Discover kingdom multiplication and the power of a healthy team, while learning how to be a catalyst and lead change that shapes the future.
  • Track 3 – Authority
    • Authority – In this track you expand your influence and authority through love and humility. People who have authority live with a “permission granted” reality from heaven. You will discover where God is taking the Ekklesia (Church) and why.

Year 2 – Kingdom Advance

  • Track 1 – Divine Intimacy
    • In this track we do a deep dive into your  journey and process of divine friendship with God. Discover new ways that Holy Spirit is speaking to you and using your life to capture hearts.
  • Track 2 – Engage
    • In this track you “engage” a sphere that you are passionate about with an Apostolic strategy for impact.
  • Track 3 – Third Heaven Reality
    • In this track you learn to live from the reality of being seating in heavenly places. You will discover new prophetic perspectives for seeing what God is doing in the in the world and tangible ways to release heaven on earth.

Year 3 – Jesus Famous

  • Track 1 – Divine Nature
    • In this track we unpack Gods genius plan to live His life through us. We learn to partner with Holy Spirit to live in the reality of union with Christ and to operate with supernatural divine attributes that models Jesus’ dream of Christianity.
  • Track 2 – The History and Future of Reformation
    • The History and Future of Reformation – In this track you will discover how transformed people transform people, regions and nation’s. You will learn how and why God raises up reformers, how to launch a new era, and why God uses His church to release a revival that leads to reformation, that leads to a renaissance.
  • Track 3 – A Roadmap for Making Jesus Famous
    • In this track you will create a roadmap for partnering with the Trinity to see Jesus lifted high as the Shepherd, King, and Ruler of every heart and every nation. You will discover ways to use your gifts and calling to display His fame in your everyday supernatural life and lead people into  encounters with the One who desires and deserves to be our magnificent obsession.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help answer your questions! Some of the most common questions about our schools are listed here. However, if you don’t see what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team (who just happen to all be students of our schools) are hear to help! 

What Is The Difference Between Classes & eCourses?

We have over 100 incredible eCourses available to you! You can click on the link at the top of the site to see everything that is available! 

For those that want to go deeper, we have our Eagle Mountain School of Apostolic Reformation: 9 distinct (10 week) tracks. You can take these classes in-person OR via livestream.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

We have many eCourses that are all priced individually. We also have a membership that will give you access to all our eCourses!

The cost for our School Of Reformation is $400 per track, or $1200 per year. Each track is 10 weeks long.

Are your eCourses part of the School of Reformation?

There are two distinct parts of the School: al a cart eCourses and the actual School of Apostolic Reformation.

The Eagle Mountain School of Apostolic Reformation is a 3 year program. Each year includes 3 distinct tracks.

How much time is required for the school?

The FULL school is a 3 year program. Each year includes 3 distinct 10 week tracks. 

The time required for each track includes a weekly class time that includes a 2 – 2.5 hour class. As well as weekly book study, and home work. The time required each week is about 4 hours per week.

Eagle Mountain School of Reformation was designed to provide world changers with the tools they need to make a meaningful difference in their areas of influence.