Eagle Mountain Apostolic Resource Center Exists To Put Apostolic Feet To Prophetic Hope

What IS
Eagle Mountain School Of Apostolic Reformation?

Eagle Mountain S.O.A.R. is a purposefully created “3 year” school for modern day reformers.

Our programs are designed for everyday reformers like you that are dedicated to Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known.

Our school offers an accessible and affordable educational model. Each “track” lasts just 10 weeks and can be attended from anywhere in the world via live streaming. Additionally, the time commitment is manageable, requiring only 4 to 6 hours per week.

We are called to EMPOWER WORLD CHANGERS from every sphere of society, it’s important to us to be able to equip them in and with a practical approach.

So then, what is a reformer?

a person who makes changes to something in order to improve it. “she knew she was called to be a reformer of education”

3 Powerful Ways To Learn

In Person Classes
(10 week tracks)

Join our In Person 10 Week Tracks. We have a full 3 year program made up of 9 powerful tracks, equipping world changers!

Live Stream Classes
(10 Week Tracks)

Join our Live Stream 10 Week Tracks. We have a full 3 year program made up of 9 powerful tracks, equipping world changers!

Al A Carte eCourses

We have a growing library of powerful eCourses from experts to equip you in the specific area of study you are looking for!

Trusted By 250,000+ Ambitious World Changers Learning How To Achieve Their Calling​

Not just An eLearning Company

Eagle Mountain School of Apostilic Reformation is much more than an eLearning company.

We are pastors, and business people. We are teachers and artists. We are parents, politicians and reporters.

We are a growing community of "Kingdom minded world changers" ready to boldly step into the future, and change our changing world.

Our school is a platform designed from the ground up to help facilitate and "resource" Kingdom minded influencers.


We are committed to promoting a lifestyle dedicated to glorifying Jesus.

Regardless of your sphere of influence, we want to empowered you to manifest heavenly principles on Earth. Our resources and school are purposefully designed to deepen your understanding of your relationship with Jesus.

We have created a unique 3 year program that goes deep while remaining obtainable. 

Each year is comprised of 3 (10 week) tracks. The time commitment during the track is roughly 4 – 6 hours.

Additionally, we have a growing library of over 100 eCourses and Events with topics ranging from worship to the prophetic, from time management, to video production.

Hear From OTHER World Changers

Susan Young

Verified Purchase

The Rise Summit was amazing! It was encouraging, powerful!!! I felt the presence of PaPa, Jesus and Holy Spirit! I wanted more! Howe’ve I did miss some of it due to the bad thunderstorms that came through Sanford, North Carolina on Saturday. I would really like to go back and watch what I missed. Johnny and Elizabeth were so amazing I could see God’s glory on them. Wish it didn’t have to end. God bless everyone for all they did to help make this happen and to those who attended and were watching online. Thank You!!!

Renee Arroyo

Verified Purchase

The Rise Summit was awesome! Loved all the speakers and felt each one had something very valuable to teach and share! Loved the worship! Very encouraging and inspiring. On the first night during worship I was in my family room. I felt a lot of heat in my chest which got stronger and stronger. I then felt Father’s love and heard Him say “I’m going to use you and Marty (my husband) in this great awakening”. Was well planned and carried out! Thank you for the hard work everyone put in to this! The Lord also reminded me of a vision and word that someone had for me a long time ago during this event. A sister in the Lord saw me on a horse and I was hitting a ball that was the earth. I was hitting this ball with a sword. “World Changer” was the caption on top of me.

Heather Schmidt

Verified Purchase

This was Very good I loved it. Thank you all so much.

Dennis Jones

Verified Purchase

This summit not only helped me to confirm the call but met me on the journey to make a few course corrections in my thinking and approach evoking shifts needed to get me more on a path to dynamic excellence . Got a super revelation when Johnny shared from Exodus 31 about “Bezalel”

Casey Lyon

Verified Purchase

Awesome conference. I have been inspired by the speakers and the bigness of our God!

David Nauman

Verified Purchase

Above Five Stars. Great Worship. Great Teachers. Great Platform. Well Done Brothers!!

Kathryn Marie Diener

Verified Purchase

I loved it!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to view the couple of speakers I missed and review the rest. Nathan was a favorite haha!! The only thing that would have made it perfect would to have been there in person, 4 hours from my hometown where my Dad is. Not able to be there often from Canada especially since Covid. Thank you again!!

Georganne Lovelace

Verified Purchase

It was wonderful and the Holy Spirit’s presence was overwhelming at times; I was undone!! Thank you for this amazing conference!