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About Me:

Back in the early 1990’s, while still working in the business world — BEFORE the words “Internet” or “World Wide Web” were being used by the average consumer, I was given a word by a prophet in Texas. He said to me, “You will be connecting the prophets by computer.” I thought, “What’s that about? Nothing like that is happening now. Not even anything close.” I had experienced some prophetic dreams and had given one or two prophetic words but not much more than that. Over time, the Lord began to put me more and more into the prophetic “stream” and my prophesying started being increased. I began to take prophetic courses, and was trained through CI (Christian International out of Florida) headed up by Bishop Bill Hamon; however, I am not the same Steve Shultz who was on staff at CI.

Then I thought, I wonder if I could make a list of all my friends? So I read up on it and made my one-time list of 30 friends and sent the first LIST out, hoping my friends would enjoy getting some encouraging prophetic words. The next day an email arrived with a request: “Subscribe please.” “Subscribe?” I thought. “What’s that about?” Of course, I’d forgotten the word from years earlier that I’d connect the prophets by computer. So I subscribed that person. Then the next day I received another one and then another one. As of today, there are over 240,000 subscribers and since 1997 that is what we have been doing through and other media platforms.


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