Instructor /// Steve Wilson

About Me:

Steve is the Founder of the Isaiah 9:7 Movement. This movement consists of growing and faith filled Christians who are passionate about “Increasing God’s Government in Their City and Nation.”

God has been training Steve since 2004 for the Isaiah 9:7 movement. The training included new  experiences every 1-2 years in four areas: innovation, business, government, and education. This geographically spanned from Minneapolis to Babylon.

Prior to leading Isaiah 9:7, Steve was an adjunct faculty member at North Central University in  Minneapolis MN. He is a Mayo Clinic Innovation Scholar and has a background in business and  government. His business background includes small business and large corporations. His  government background includes local small government and the US federal government. He  has written three books. He has been married since 1985 to his wife Jeanne. They have two  children and six grandchildren.

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