Core Identity Live workshop

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Core Identity live workshop




  1. Hey from Princeton, MN~ Could you pray for a family of 9 boys, ages range 16-2 years young? Their Momma, Leanne, just transitioned into eternity @ 4:59 pm CST. Her husband’s name is Erez. Thank Q~if you are inspired to lift them up!

  2. Materials printed for the course. I am ready to go. I am at 5:39 here at CST, and Los Angeles time is 4:39. Will we be able to check the live streaming out at 6:00 Los Angeles time?

      1. ok, I am not tech sabby at all which is why my church member was helpng me. I will just leave it like it is and after the training I will try to fix it in time for 2mor. Can you send me a step by step instruction of how to fix it? Thanks for All your help!

  3. This may be a question for someone else, but I cannot find where to retrieve my CORE identity score. I took it a day or so again when I signed up for this course. Can you help me find it online?

      1. There’s just a 4 point difference between my innovator and influencer. My numbers for all are fairly close and generally high. However, my highest is 31 and it doesn’t go higher than that.

  4. I get so frustrated if a talker doesn’ t let me add to conversation. i have no patience for monologuer as I don’t feel necessary for conversation. Influencers tell me I am rude for wanting to participate!

    1. My influencer is highest, then innovator, then stabilizer, yet I tend to be very quiet in group conversations. I was taught it was rude to interrupt. So, I find myself raising my hand and trying to be as succinct as possible. So the combination of our highest can present very differently too.

  5. Thank you so much for this!!! I am at odds in my job. I work with people that voted for Biden & I just can’t look up to these people knowing that they have kids my daughter’s age and be ok with the bullying AND stealing of the presidency. I want justice!!

  6. When you have 3 of the identities almost evenly, does your course address how your manage your own conflicts of dealing with the different expressions of these identities?
    I have Stabilizer, Innovator, and Driver.

  7. I think this would be a good verse to add to your Biblical references. After all, we are here seeking to better understand how God made us so we can work to be the best we can be to fulfill the plan He created us to fulfill. I pray this everyday because I want God to open my eyes to see and understand His calling my life so I can pursue it with all my might.

    I pray the light of God will illuminate the eyes of my imagination, flooding me with light, until I experience the full revelation of the hope of His calling—that is, the wealth of God’s glorious inheritance He finds in me, His holy one! Ephesians 1: 18 TPT

  8. Are types associated with introvert / extrovert tendencies? I am an influencer which would seem more extroverted. I love people, but I definitely need significant time away from people to recharge.

  9. How do I stay in one energy long enough to have a successful result. I jump from one energy to another very quickly and get frustrated and confused. I have a close result in three energies, Influencer, innovator and then driver.

  10. My score : 34 Innovator, 30 Stabilizer
    20 Influencer, 20 Driver
    I don’t feel real high above 40 in any core , my highs are so close and my lowers are even and feel I have always been in conflict of myself. Also not sure what would be my Life’s Question?

  11. I am first influencer and then innovator, very close. How do I know when I am in influencer or innovator, I go from one to other quickly and am unsure if I am in influencer or innovator energies. How do I consciously stay in influencer and not move out when needed

      1. I am still not sure but feel safe picking anyone Core since they are not too low. I probably lean towards influencer even though driver is same score but I feel more comfortable in influencer because it compliments the stabilizer. Does that seem to make since to this exercise?

      1. So what do those numbers mean in between? Between my stabilizer and driver is 4, b/n my driver and influencer is 6, b/n my influencer and innovator is 6, and b/n my innovator and stabilizer is 4…

  12. Stable Mable here…scores are all between 1-4 points difference…don’t know how changing between identifies would really make much difference…guess I just be satisfied with what I am ????
    Driver 29, Influencer 26, Innovator 25, Stabilizer 24

  13. I obviously derive my core energy as an influencer at 39, and although innovator 25, and stabilizer, 24, are similar, driver is much lower at 17. So, I have chosen to switch into driver because indecision can make me feel anxiety and then I stay stuck.

  14. During mapping, I found no profound or emulation numbers. Not sure exactly what to do with the numbers in b/n each of the dotted numbers. Furthermore, this is interesting b/c I feel like I’ve already went into deep thought about why I respond when beyond frustrated or angered, and how to counter and respond differently. But had no idea this was part of it and the depths of tapping into something different. Although, it does make sense.

  15. This information is absolutely amazing. I have been through many tests and profiles. You are right that this one is different.
    The timing of this could not be more perfect. A true gift from God. Thank you so much.

  16. Is now the time to drive with more action orientated behaviors? I have a strong need to be in relationship and want to meet the needs of underprivileged and orphans. My need to be in strong relationships that ALSO want to advance the justice of orphans and disadvantaged peoples. God put the right people around me to move me forward in my destiny calling. I feel like I’ve learned more about myself from them that I have was able to support, but I realize that we all have moved forward because of relationship. I was able to press past my fears (stabilizer) before moving forward, meeting the needs of both of us. These relationships give me the love and confidence to forge and drive forward.

  17. That is my husband- I am very close on all and it drives my husband crazy. LOL
    Ok guys – I am older and the best part is I have only been married for going on 9 years – I got married at 66 1/2 – My first marriage. My husband was married for 43 years. His wife passed away and he has a lot more expiernce needless at marriage – Yup two porcupines.

  18. So on this exercise (lesson 10), the situation I worked on, I had totally disengaged. If I had stayed engaged I wonder what could have been the outcome, as either influencer or driver. The disengagement was my way of protecting myself. How does one work past automatic protection back into a core identity? Is this part of the warping section?

  19. Excellent course; It is just a whole lot to absorb in such a short time. I do set goals all the time and generally am faithful to them.
    I recently retired and I am trying to find my way to accomplish God’s plan for the coming years.
    This has helped me understand myself, but I still have not figured out what God wants me to do now.

  20. I commit to journal 20-30 minutes daily to process behaviors and the approach taken with relationships throughout the day.
    I commit to worship daily with Papa, so He can create in my a clean and pure heart before Him and others.
    Being content with the way Papa created me, I will operate in confidence, knowing I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. I know longer need to strive to become the best version of me. I am the best version of me, and with daily tweaks, I am becoming even better.

  21. Turn your negatives into positives and ask Holy Spirit for help..
    Turn COVID into a positive. For exampl: we turned the lock down into becoming more liek Christ. Praying and doing what God wants to do. This is a great workshop. Applying it. Thank you.

  22. This was great thank you. My husband and I laughed a lot at how we finally know why we can get on each other’s nerves. Now we can encourage and support each other through this. Thank you so much!