Core Identity Workshop – Bobby Haaby Interview

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You do not want to miss the upcoming Core Identity Workshop

August 21st & 22nd. 
Both virtual and in person. PLUS receive access to full eCourse after workshop!

1.5 Day Core Identity Workshop

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Register for only $49.00!

This Workshop is typically $299 per person, so you do NOT want to miss this amazing opportunity.

The Core Identity Workshop is a 1.5-day intensive workshop designed to help discover our true CORE Identity. We believe that God created every single person with a unique blend of core motivational drivers. This blend of “energy” if you will is what makes us unique. God designed each of us with a purpose in mind. The trouble is that sometimes those very things that make us unique, also make us confusing to the people around us. In this 1.5 day workshop, you’ll discover the very special way that God created you, why you do the things you do, love the things you love, and how to interact with the people around you. It’s our goal through this workshop to give you a very powerful understanding as well as simple and practical tools for communication, conflict strategy, as well as understanding. We want to help you not only understand the people around you but also develop your own plan for fulfilling your assignment and becoming the very best version of yourself.

Topics Covered:

  • Our true UNCHANGING Core, the way God made us right from the beginning.
  • “Motivational Drivers” why we do what we do.
  • Negative conflict strategies, and how to be true to the way God made us while having thriving relationships with people that are much different.
  • Practical tools for resolving conflict with family, co-workers, employees, and friends.
  • Insight into the “why” behind the behaviors that puzzle us the most in the people we live work and play with. Accepting the deep truths of God’s unique design for each and every person, starting with ourselves.
  • Digging into God-given assignments, and creating a practical plan for living out that assignment every day.

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