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What you'll learn

  • Powerful prophetic revelation on what God requires us to focus on in the seasons ahead.
  • Important processes that people are going through in their journey forward with the Lord.
  • How to prepare the church for less casualties.
  • A call for people to be prepared and ready for what God wants done on the earth.
  • The gospel of the Kingdom will transform nations.


  • Current translation of the Bible
  • Desire to learn about something amazing
  • Willingness to invest in yourself for 7 1/2 hours. 


This is a powerful conference where we explored what the Kingdom of Heaven is and what does it look like when it manifests on earth. How can we participate with God in doing His will ,His way, on Earth as it is in Heaven?

What is included:

  • Interviews with Morning Star Leadership.
  • Prophetic Revelation of things coming.
  • Q & A with the speakers.
  • Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven

Just a Taste of the Flavor of this Conference

“The prophetic is the “eyesight” of God. God looses within a person the ability to see what’s coming ahead. That prepares the church for less casualties. That prepares the church to go in certain directions and not in other directions.” – Donna Hoover. This is a call for people to be prepared and ready for what God wants done on the earth.

In this conference, one of the things Tom Hardiman is talking about is, “There is a victorious church emerging without spot or wrinkle.” Tom prays a prophetic increase for all of us to help prepare us for what God has ahead.

Bobby Haaby speaks of Jesus paying a price and going through hell to give us authority over death, hell, and the grave. Many men and women have paid a high price to come out of hell and gain authority over areas of life and others will benefit from their experiences. John the Baptist preached the gospel of salvation and this is very needed, but doesn’t by itself alone transform nations. The gospel of the Kingdom will transform nations. What does that look like?  

What this course is for

  • Anyone interested in going deeper and being prepared for what is coming.
  • Receiving confirmation and insight of the process God has you on.
  • Church leaders who want to lessen the casualties of ministry.
  • Believers with questions about how their life fits into the story of what God is doing now and in the future.


Tom & Mary Anne Hardiman

Tom Hardiman is Vice President of Spiritual Services at MorningStar Ministries. He and his wife, Mary Anne, direct the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries. Tom oversees a network of more than five hundred pastors, churches, and ministries throughout the world. Mary Anne has a passion to educate our nation about America’s true spiritual foundations. Previously a teacher at The Comenius School for Creative Leadership, Mary Anne is also the director of Morningstar’s Women’s Ministry, Shine.

Fred & Donna Hoover

Pastors Fred and Donna Hoover are both ordained ministers with MorningStar Ministries. Fred was the Senior Pastor and Donna Pastors the Prophetic of Abide in the Vine Fellowship in Owego, New York. Together they ministered Nationally and Internationally. Fred taught and ministered the Father’s Heart to the body of Christ, seeking out the lost and giving pastoral guidance to other church leaders. Donna ministers prophetically at conferences and round tables teaching and activating the prophetic. Donna also ministers to her community as the Director of Abide in the Vine Child Care Center which ministers Christ’s love and compassion to approximately 100 children a day. Fred and Donna have been married 42 years and have four children and seventeen grandchildren.

Bobby & Becky Haaby

Bobby & Becky Haaby are catalyst’s, thought leaders, and Senior Leaders at Eagle Mountain in Bend, OR. Their heart is to put “Apostolic feet to Prophetic hope.” They thrive in creating an atmosphere where powerful people can run together and partner with God to release Heaven On Earth. Together they have given their lives to see Christianity defined by the tangible presence of God, an atmosphere of training and discipleship, signs and wonders, and by releasing heavens blueprints for societal transformation that solves the world’s most pressing problems.

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