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What you'll learn

  • How healing comes from moral excellence.
  • What moral excellence actually is.
  •  Conversations with God and how God responds to Don.
  • The King is willing to talk to anyone who is willing to listen.
  • If you write down what God communicates with you someday you might be able to share it.
  • Seeing the face of God.
  • Activating your anointing.
  • Recognizing the anointing that you have.


  • Open hearts to hear what the Lord is speaking to you.
  • Willingness to invest in yourself for about 10 hours. 
  • Being flexible to allow God to correct or align your thinking with His.


Strip away what we think we understand and find the most beautiful treasure as God begins to reveal truth. Through the worship and music allow God to minister to your heart, mind, will, and emotions. The flow of this Imagining, while structured with this knowledge that you are safe to be corrected, instructed, and given affection by the Lord, is such a beautiful flow of Holy Spirit. The oil of anointing on your life is to be given to God not to man. Then God can use His Spirit to minister through you to all of creation. When you give back to Him what He has given to you, then He can work through it. It is truly beautiful when we choose to surrender and serve rather than stand in pride, to serve our own agenda, and fall. Jesus our greatest example came not to rule but to be the greatest servant with discernment, doing only what He saw His Father do and saying only what His Father said. His reward was the government forever upon HIS shoulders. He could only serve by being perfected by love. His Father IS love.

Come with an expectation to encounter God:

  • This time of intimate worship.
  • A book about how Israel’s scriptures and narrative came to fulfillment.
  • A book about how God’s Kingdom–the place where God reigns over his world in a new way–was launched ‘on earth as in heaven’ in and through Jesus.
  • A community-forming narrative about a new mode of being, a new epoch of world history, and a new people.
  • An action-packed story of confrontation between Jesus and opposing powers, both worldly and spiritual.
  • A book which invites readers to become part of the story themselves.

This course is not your typical format. It was intentionally laid out to create a place of encounter through musical ministry, life stories, and shared experiences. Blessings on all who choose to invest their time in this eCourse and may you meet with God in the exact way you need to.

What this course is for

  • Anyone interested in going deeper in their relationship and communication with God.
  • Anyone wondering if they hear from God.
  • To learn how God defines moral excellence.
  • How to be a good steward with what God has given you, especially when you don’t feel like you have anything.


Don and Christine Potter

Don Potter teaches out of his strong passion for the kingdom of God and our need to be born again, AGAIN. He draws from his intimate time with the Lord to impart revelation and truth to the body of Christ. Don is a lifelong guitarist, songwriter, singer, and musical forerunner who has journeyed through concert stages, studios, and churches, and is a respected and sought-after worship leader. He also has a heart to see musicians released, both in the church and in the world, seeing their gifts and talents used with excellence while being led by the Holy Spirit.


Christine Potter is most recognized for her prophetic intercession with musician husband, Don Potter. She defines her prophetic intercession as a life surrendered; spirit, soul and body, allowing Holy Spirit to flow through her giving demonstration as He pleases. This intercession may manifest as actions of movement, song, or teaching in a style that is uniquely her own. These actions bring an atmosphere of liberty that makes space for others to unashamed-ably be more fully who He made them to be. She moves in a flow of spontaneous teaching and training inspired by her own personal journey of restoration. Christine is a living demonstration of the freedom from captivity to fear that is possible for all of God’s children. There is a birthing and travail in the Body of Christ, an intercession that assists the coming season of transition into the Kingdom. As a “spiritual mother”, Christine desires to impart to others the understanding she has received so as to prepare us to be like Mary who did not need to understand how or why, but rather presented her body as a “living sacrifice” and obeyed.

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Spirit Led Production

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