Restore /// Family and Education – Summit eCourse

Come join us as we explore how to Restore: Family and Education to Heaven’s standards. God’s people have access to innovation and creativity the world has never seen before! Get ready to shift the atmosphere and be a part of building the reformation of these mountains.

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What you'll learn

  • Practical examples from people on the mountains of Family and Education
  • Testimonies of  the process
  • Different examples of the variety of needs in both mountains.
  • There is a place for you to support and encourage others in these mountains even if this is not where you are primarily called.
  • Your voice and influence make a difference!
  • God is ready and waiting to give you innovative ideas if you would ask for them.


  • Willingness to invest time in yourself.
  • We strongly encourage you to network with others either here in our social area or on the Rise app.
  • A notebook and something to write with or use the notes feature in the course. 


This event/course was intentionally designed to inspire, encourage, and give you practical application for the mountains of Family and Education. We have over 22 speakers from these mountains that approach these areas from different perspectives. It really opens eyes to the vastness of what is needed as far as influence and innovation from the Kingdom perspective of these two mountains. God is so creative He has made a tailored spot for each one of us and then allowed us to choose if we will partner with Him. 

Students in this course will absorb and be inspired with the vastness and singular focus of the mountains of Family and Entertainment:

  • Come expecting for God to speak to you as you watch this course.
  • Please consider taking notes and crafting prayers for you or others you know in these fields.
  • Also, join the Rise app and get connected with others. This is where you will find your Mt. call and potentially meet others in your area. Search global rise community on your app finding program and please download.

This course contains 33 sessions from the mountains of Family and Education and the Restore7 Team. 

What this course is for

  • Anyone interested bringing Heaven on Earth in the mountains of Family & Education or those supporting people in those mountains.
  • To encourage, inspire, and allow a place for the hunger of innovation to stir the waters.
  • To create an atmosphere of revelation and hope that one person can make a difference and many people in unity with God’s heart can change the world!


Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow

Chris & Justice Kuhel

Greg & Julie Gorman

Dr. Ivy Bonk

NW Prayer Summit 2023

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