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Come join us as we explore how to Restore: Media/Arts & Entertainment to Heaven’s standards. God’s people have access to innovation and creativity the world has never seen before!

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What you'll learn

  • Multiple face paced Restore Talks from people in the mountains of Media, Arts, and Entertainment.
  • Testimonies of how God has used them to influence those mountains.
  • Encouragement to move forward into what God has called you to!
  • Testimonies of how God opened doors from faithfully serving in the mountains they are called to.
  • How God moves outside of the walls of our culture in these mountains.
  • This includes all the talks from the event.


  • Desire to invest in growing into the calling God has given you.
  • Willingness to pray how God would you use you to influence the mountains of culture He has called you too.
  • Desire to be led by peace above and in place of comfort.


Restore: Media/Arts & Entertainment has a vital role in shaping our culture. Whether we are called to these mountains are not most if not all of us are heavily influenced by them in some way.  It’s not by might or by force but by His Spirit that we will see these changes manifest. However, God has created us to partner with Him by declaring His will on the Earth. As we gather together we ask that you would prayerfully consider how God can speak and move through you. Every speaker is an average person that said, yes when God brought something in front of them to do. You can too. The wonderful part is that it will look different for each person as you will see in these Restore Talks! God has already equipped us, be encouraged, and inspired as you listen to each person.

Things you will encounter as you listen:

  • Incredible supernatural encounters that changed the speakers original direction.
  • Subtle shifts that led to big changes.
  • Ministering in ways that will surprise you.
  • How God opened doors through service.
  • One person makes a difference!
  • Encouragement to pray for the people called to these ministries.

This course contains 23 lessons from the speakers in the mountains of Media/Arts & Entertainment and several are also from Johnny Enlow. Each speaker shares their testimonies of how God has been using them in these mountains. This will provide encouragement and inspiration to pray and move forward as God is calling us to influence culture on the level He called us to.

What this course is for

  • Anyone interested in what people are doing on the mountains of Media/Arts & Entertainment.
  • People who are wondering how to even start moving into these mountains.
  • How God can use us in ways we would never have expected!
  • Inspiration that one person really does make a difference!
  • To Encourage and inspire forward momentum.


Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow


David Harris Jr.

Ricky & Sharon Skaggs

Clay Clark

Charlie Kirk

Daniel Caleb

Jasmine Tate

Duda Penteado

Michael Terry

Nidia Quintanilla

Mark Keefer

Kim Alexis

Brock Shinen

Andre Forde

David & Stacy Whited


Ed James

Kelley Salber

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