Tribe Essentials /// The 7 C’s

Welcome to Tribe Essentials!

This eCourse has been created especially for you to learn the Culture of Heaven, we as a tribe, are building at Eagle Mountain!

“We” are a tribe seeking to bring Heaven’s culture to establish on this Earth in every sphere of influence. Bobby and Becky Haaby are passionate about putting apostolic feet to prophetic hope!

There are many opportunities in our Tribe for consistent growth and alignment with Heaven’s way of doing things, innovation, and creativity!

On the second Sunday of each month, you will be given an opportunity to ask questions in the Upper Room from 9am-10:15am.

 Watching the videos is not a prerequisite to attending Tribe Essentials. Watching the videos however, may help you to feel more engaged in the conversation.

Tribe Essentials will be facilitated by Layla McGlone and Eric Schaffner.

See you there!

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