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RISE Summit /// A Clarion Call to Reformers - Summit eCourse

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  1. Welcome to Rise Summit: A Clarion Call to Reformers 2021
  2. Friday Afternoon Worship
  3. Rise Talk: Hank Kunneman
  4. Rise Talk: Nathan French
  5. Rise Talk: Wes Lane
  6. Rise Talk: Tim Sheets
  7. Q & A with Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Chris Behnke, Wes Lane, and Nathan French
  8. Johnny Enlow - Call to Your Mountain Activation
  9. Intro Into Friday Evening Worship
  10. Rise Talk: Danny Silk
  11. Johnny and Elizabeth Closing Friday Evening
  12. Q & A Nathan French
  13. Rise Talk: Miladin Matic Introduction to the Rise App.
  14. Rise Summit Saturday am Worship
  15. Rise Talk: Nate Johnston
  16. Prophetic Activation Over the Nations with Elizabeth, Nathan, Grace, Kat, and Clay
  17. Rise Talk: Lance Wallnau
  18. Rise Talk: Johnny Enlow
  19. Rise Talk: Chris Reed
  20. Elizabeth Enlow's Rise Talk and Steve and Derene Shultz Prayer over Emerging Prophetics
  21. Menti and Small Group Testimonies
  22. Rise Talk: Steve Shultz
  23. Q & A with Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Bobby Haaby, Steve Shultz, and Chris Behnke
  24. Rise Talk: Bobby Haaby
  25. Rise Talk: Kat Kerr
  26. Rise Talk: Bill and Beni Johnson
  27. Nathan French Releasing the Joy of the Lord
  28. Rise Talk: Greg and Julie Gorman
  29. Rise Talk: Nilsa Alvarez
  30. Rise Talk: Charlie Shamp
  31. Rise Talk: Che Ahn
  32. Activation of the Rise Community and Blessing the Launch
  33. Saturday Evening Worship
  34. Rise Talk: Elizabeth Enlow
  35. Intro to Kingdom Learning, Eagle Mountain Apostolic Resource Center, and Upcoming Rise Events
  36. Johnny Enlow's Final Keynote Message Saturday Evening
  37. Eagle Mountain Sunday Worship 2021-03-28
  38. The Throne of God /// Kat Kerr /// Sunday Full Message 2021-03-28
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