Steve Shultz /// Experience Daily Divine Appointments and Supernatural Protection


Have you ever wondered if the only way to encounter God is through hearing the audible voice of God, have impressions, or have angels appear to you? Steve shares how he stumbles into the will of God all the time. His experiences are so real and tangible that I am greatly encouraged that God is encountering us all on a daily basis and it may look different than we think!

Topics Covered:

  • Is it a coincidence or is it God?
  • God is not subject to any natural law.
  • God’s voice can sound like our thoughts.
  • Do angels look like people?
  • You can stumble into the will of God.
  • Divine Protection
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  • eCourse

    How to Experience Almost Daily Divine Appointments and Supernatural Protection

Steve Shultz does a wonderful job leading us through his process of hearing/walking with Holy Spirit into divine encounters and the prophetic! This is a powerful eCourse where we can learn a different way to encounter the spirit realm in everyday life. I love this lead into one of the stories he shares, “Let’s talk about angels. I didn’t see them with halos and wings and glowing. I was at an intersection, there was a bag lady with a shopping cart…” The rest of the story is in lesson 3 and it is great!


Steve Shultz

Steve is the founder of In the 1990’s I was given a prophetic word “You will be connecting the prophets by computer”, and since 1997 that is what we have been doing through and other media platforms.

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