Meet Bobby Haaby
Founder & CEO of Hub Nation /// Founder of Eagle Mountain

Bobby is a catalyst and thought leader who is encouraging and provoking the Church to put Apostolic feet to Prophetic hope.

As a Senior Leader of Eagle Mountain, an Apostolic Resource Center in Bend Oregon, Bobby thrives in creating an atmosphere where powerful people can run together and partner with God to release Heaven On Earth. Called to serve the Lord through an audible voice encounter, Bobby has given his life to see Christianity defined by the tangible presence of God, an atmosphere of training and discipleship, signs and wonders, and by releasing heavens blueprints for societal transformation that solves the worlds most pressing problems.

Bobby operates from the belief that the world is desperate for an encounter with the Living God and that we are witnessing the emerging of the Sons and Daughters that all creation has been waiting for. The kingdoms of this world are becoming the Kingdom of our God, and His Christ.