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Learn the powerful MOTIVATIONS for both you and your spouse, and unlock new communication tools with your spouse for BREAKTHROUGH in your relationship & with less stress. The eCourse includes NEXUS Profiles & Course Access for you and your spouse.

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This eCourse is Where You Will…

Learn the simple yet powerful formula that radically shifts communication with your spouse, family, and relationships in less time and with less stress.

This marriage-focused eCourse will equip you with powerful AND practical tools that will literally de-code the “human element” in your marriage, saving you time, money, and stress.

Relationships are essential for a healthy family life. This eCourse will break down and decode the ‘motivators’ behind the behavior of your you, your spouse, and even the others around you. We’ll unlock the “code” to understand the “why” behind the decisions, actions, and even the words of the people around you.

You’ll discover hidden motivators behind the often puzzling behavior of your marriage relationship.

The bottom line is that your BOTTOM LINE depends on the quality of your communication and relationships. This eCourse will unlock keys that will enable radical growth and breakthrough that will affect your relationships in your marriage with those around you.

What’s included:

  • 2 Free NEXUS Profile assessment ($218 value)
  • Full eCourse only $399
  • Strategic NEXUS Design Plan created for YOUR marriage with your new NEXUS Design understanding. (This is developed throughout the eCourse and is tailored with practical AND actionable steps for your marriage)
  • The NEXUS Profile Essentials Handbook of this essential collection of tools to help improve your communication and honoring each other through knowing your spouses Motivators.
  • Subscription to an 8-week follow-up micro-course on NEXUS Profile Understanding with practical tools to unlock the communication that will affect your relationship and quality of your life; these tools are essential for long-term implementation & success!

5 reviews for GOD DESIGNED MARRIAGE eCourse

  1. Chris Behnke

    So excited to launch this!

  2. LaLoni Kirkland

    GOD Designed Marriage is not just for couples who are in a rough season of their lives. Every couple and relationship can/will benefit from attending this workshop! Coupled with the Nexus Profile, you will better understand your partner and it will be easier to honor and love them for the way God designed you both!

  3. David Kirkland

    God Designed Marriage has given me tools enabling me to better understand myself and be a better champion of all that God has put in my wife. I better understand how to partner with my wife to accomplish our purpose in life. Understanding and accepting that we are each unique and gifted for specific purpose that our partnership gets to discover together.

  4. Jason Musk

    Jason- After decades of feeling like a misfit and thinking I didn’t belong, I found, through the human nexus that God made me as a very specific piece to fit a solution of His design. I discovered things about myself, my wife and family that unlocked hidden treasures in each other. Our communication and relationship has grown exponentially!

  5. Mary Musk

    GOD Designed Marriage has transformed my relationship between my husband and me. We now have permission to be ourselves and resources in how to honor each other.

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