JESUS FAMOUS 2023 Digital Summit-Replay


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Jesus Famous Digital Summit 2023 Making Jesus Known in Every Corner of the Earth


About the Event: At the heart of our faith lies a simple yet profound mission: Know Jesus and make Jesus known. This is our divine calling, our purpose, and our duty as believers. Join us for the “Jesus Famous” Digital Summit, where we’ll delve deep into this mission, drawing inspiration and practical insights to make Jesus famous on earth.


  • Chris Reed
  • Tom Hardiman
  • Mary Anne Hardiman
  • Bobby Haaby
  • Chris Behnke

Hear from the esteemed Sr. Leadership of Morning Star Ministries, including Chris Reed and Tom & Mary Anne Hardiman, as well as insights from our very own Bobby Haaby & Chris Behnke.

Are you someone who feels a deep-seated call from God? Do you sense that you were made for something more, something different, but are unsure of your path? This summit is for you. It’s for believers who know they have a greater purpose, who seek both prophetic insight and practical understanding to fully embrace their God-given identity.

  • Prophetic Insights: World-renowned apostles, prophets, and teachers will provide prophetic insights tailored for YOU.
  • Dynamic & Interactive: This isn’t just another digital event. Expect a highly engaging, dynamic, and powerful experience that will transform your spiritual journey.
  • Practical Wisdom: Beyond inspiration, gain actionable insights and strategies to make Jesus known in your community and beyond.

Don’t Miss Out! This is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded believers, learn from spiritual leaders, and reignite your passion for Christ. Secure your spot today and be part of this transformative digital summit.

Join us in our mission to make Jesus famous. Purchase now and be part of this spiritual awakening.


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