Restoration: To Your Original Design


Chris Behnke has released his new product the Nexus! The Nexus is an in depth resource to discovering your original design. This workshop will introduce you to the four main designs, motivators, your blends, and how to honor each other’s communication design. Foundations is integral in understanding the way you were created and how to thrive in a world of unique blends of others original designs.

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This Workshop is Where You Will…

Learn the simple yet powerful formula that radically shifts your understanding of YOUR unique GOD Design. This is a deep dive into restoring you to your original GOD Design.

This intensive identity-focused workshop will equip you with powerful AND practical tools that will literally de-code the details of how to heal the areas of warping from your GOD designed identity.

This workshop will break down and decode the ‘motivators’ behind the behavior of you. We’ll unlock the “code” to understand the “why” behind the decisions, actions, and even the words that you use. Then we will dive deep into restoring your GOD designed identity.

You’ll discover hidden areas where you have been warped away from your GOD design. This will help you understand you were designed to be you and it is valuable and it is GOOD!

This workshop will unlock keys that will enable radical growth and breakthrough that will affect every area of your life.

What’s included:

  • 1 Free NEXUS Profile assessment ($109 value)
  • Full 2-day interactive workshop only $50 seat deposit (regular price is $699) $29 digital ticket.
  • The NEXUS Design Essentials Handbook (both digital copy) of this essential collection of tools to help you flip the 80/20 rule to your advantage.
  • Subscription to an 8-week follow-up micro-course on NEXUS Profile Understanding with practical tools to unlock the communication that will affect the bottom line and quality of your life; these tools are essential for long-term implementation & success!

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