Ascend 2022 – Conference eCourse

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Powerful Lessons From Kat Kerr, Bobby Haaby, Johnny Enlow, Elizabeth Enlow, Hank Kunneman, Nathan French & Becky Haaby. Hosted by Chris Behnke.

There is a deep hunger and necessity for God’s people to ASCEND into His presence and encounter Him and receive Heaven’s blueprints for your life. Our speakers will focus on training you to live an ASCENDED lifestyle. You will learn to think the way heaven thinks and see from God’s perspective all the time.

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Releasing Heaven’s vision for your life and family for 2022 and beyond.

Join Kat Kerr, Nathan French, Bobby Haaby, Johnny Enlow, Elizabeth Enlow, and Hank Kunneman for this critical event!


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Our team will work with you to make everything from promotion to hosting simple and easy! You can choose to give the attendees of your local group free access (12 passes are included with your $199 fee). You can also charge your own fee to either cover the cost, OR even use as an opportunity to generate some income for your ministry! 

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A. Including yourself 12 people are included with the $199 fee. If you would like more to attend it’s only $10.00 per person for 11+

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A. All you need to do is REGISTER as a host above, gather up to 12 people, and “host” the event at your house or church. Hosting simply means providing a way for people to watch (see below) communicate with the people attending. 

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Live In Studio In Bend Oregon
Bobby Haaby

Bobby Haaby

Bobby is a catalyst and thought leader who is encouraging and provoking the Church to put Apostolic feet to Prophetic hope. As a Senior Leader of Eagle Mountain, an Apostolic Resource Center in Bend Oregon, Bobby thrives in creating an atmosphere where powerful people can run together and partner with God to release Heaven On Earth.

Live In Studio In Bend Oregon
Nathan French Profile

Nathan French

Nathan and Danielle truly enjoy seeing others get saved, healed and set free! They love doing ministry together and also give support to corporations in the business world through prayer, Christian counseling and prophecy.
Nathan and Danielle have been married 22 years and have two beautiful children. They love living in the Pacific Northwest!

Live In Studio In Bend Oregon
Kat Kerr 3

Kat Kerr

Kat worked in the business world for over 20 years developing skills in design, photography, marketing and the legal arena before being set apart to prepare for a ‘special’ assignment. Now President of One Quest International; a for profit corporation God downloaded into her spirit for His purpose of releasing products into the marketplace that bring Heaven to earth and generate Kingdom finances.  The Father has told her that the Body of Christ is about to produce entrepreneurs through Heaven’s witty ideas, inventions and within a Holy Spirit inspired entertainment industry, things that will shock this world and shift the current economy. 

Speaking Digitally

Hank Kunneman

Hank Kunneman is senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, and founder of One Voice Ministries. His prophetic webpage, called Prophetic Perspectives, has been an encouragement to many.  Hank ministers with his wife, Brenda, and has authored several book titles including, Barrier-Breakers, Don’t Leave God Alone, and The Revealer of Secrets. He travels extensively, ministering in conferences and churches, demonstrating the power of God, and equipping the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry.

Speaking Digitally
Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow are social reformers at heart, as well as international speakers and authors of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, Rainbow God, The Seven Mountain Renaissance, Becoming A Superhero, RISE, and God in Every Season. As ones focused on the reformation of the 7 primary areas of culture, they are spiritual mentors to many in Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education. 


Ascend was designed right from the beginning to be an incredible online experience.

Let’s face it. We are in an age where digital events are being pushed to the forefront. We know that digital is not typically desired above being in person where we are seeing firsthand and using all five senses to engage to the fullest extent, And yet here we are. Faced with change yet again in the form of an even more virtual world. We know that change can be rough. And We want to marry our conferences to change and smooth sailing and become the best of friends.  

Now, this is NOT just an in person event with a camera in the back for the online people. Rather, we have designed an engaging experience where the online eCourse is the primary focus! Yes that is correct! You who are watching are just as vital to the in-person attendee.

Most events that have gone “online” offer an experience that is far from amazing and certainly not engaging. However, Ascend has been carefully crafted to offer an incredible engaging online experience. 

World-Class Experiences For Everyone

It’s super important to us that every experience regardless if you are in person or online is exceptional. 

We take great care to craft the experience “around” the content. This means not only listening to what the speakers are saying, but also the attendees, and most importantly the Holy Spirit. 

Of course this means that sometimes things will be a bit different; but we like it that way. As with most of our events, this event includes FULL replay access to all the content from the event as well as a fully LIVE and interactive experience DURING the event. 

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18 reviews for Ascend 2022 – Conference eCourse

  1. Jean Curley (verified owner)

    Ascend was amazing and so powerful. I truly felt the anointing by Kat Kerr. I will definitely attend again and hopefully next time it will be in person!

  2. Linda Stevens (verified owner)

    I so enjoyed ASCEND! Each speaker was very different, and yet, there was a common thread: it’s time for ALL believers to ascend to a deeper walk with the Lord. The worship time was absolutely stellar, even long distance from my chair in Missouri! I am refreshed, rejuvenated, retired & re-fired, for sure! I definitely know “where I am,” and most certainly, whose I am! Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of the online community and including us in so many ways throughout the weekend!

  3. Jason DeBoer (verified owner)

    What a great conference. Really, it was more than a conference for me. It was an encounter with the Lord. Thank you to all the speakers / worship leaders / staff / and especially the Lord. I attended online due to scheduling and location. I live in Burlington, NC. It was a great time of confirmation of what the Lord has been showing me personally and growth to a “higher” level haha. I am serious. The higher level is what a came for and the Lord is so good and kind. He has used you all to help facilitate and encourage. Thank you

  4. Patricia Suesov (verified owner)

    Incredible life-changing conference!! Although I worked during the first part of the conference (I am so excited to catch the replay to see what I missed) Friday night’s session started with a hugh bang! The HOLY atmosphere in worship was thick with the tangible presence of God. I could tangibly sense the presence of angelic host in my room truly mixing with the holiness of the Throne Room. I was in awe both days. Kat’s messages both nights completely changed my trajectory and at the same time the Lord answered life long desires during her message and ministry. During the recap when we asked the Lord where we were on the mountain of ascention, at first I thought I was in base camp but as I looked out I saw these beautiful green meadows indicating I was higher than I thought, the next instant I was on top of the mountain looking down on the cities below. In that moment I heard the Lord giggle that I was all over that mountain, up, down, up, down over the side and all over. I started to both giggle and cry but I realized that is me to a “T”! I never want to miss out on what God is doing and love the adventure of exploring with Him. I am so humbled the LORD chose me (all of us) to attend Ascend. My life will NEVER be the same!! I also am now practicing pouring out and leaving the anointing where ever I go. This conference was not only informative and fun but the HOLINESS of the LORD has changed me forever. Hallelujah!

  5. Leann Norberg (verified owner)

    Loved, loved Ascend conference. Presence of the Holy Spirit was so powerful. Would love to see worship to open each session, as the anointing was so awesome on this team and really set the tone. Thank you so much for bringing such powerful speakers together to teach us. Look forward to attending again in the future.

  6. Amber Petrosius

    An amazing experience even online! Love choice of speakers, and attention to online attendees. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Angie Keller (verified owner)

    I brought my husband out to experience this wonderful time w me. I’m SO glad we did. Nathan French was a great asset to talk to, my husband really enjoyed him. And of course, Kat & her double anointing of wealth, the lightning bolt of the Holy Spirit going through the hands, the body and piercing through the left side into the stomach. It was an unforgettable, unbelievable experience that I was honored to be apart of. Now, to take what we learn and march forward to our own destiny & be apart of this great movement! Never back away from truth. Be bold warriors!

  8. Janet Helgeson (verified owner)

    What an Awesomely Powerful Event! The Conference and Worship were off the Charts! I took part via live stream. Thank you so much for taking such great care to make sure that those of us online felt like we were there with you. The Speakers, Revelation, Teaching and Truth were Powerful, Anointed, and Encouraging! Thank you so much for carrying us with you through Kat’s Impartation line and giving us the opportunity to watch until the very end. I was so Blessed and Honored that Kat was able to actually look right at us and release her Impartation for Ascending and Wealth three times! I was so Blessed all I could do was Dance and Praise and I felt it way into the night. Thank you very much! I know a lot of hard work, coordination, and scheduling went into making this conference so Special and Unforgettable. So glad there are replays as there was so much packed into this conference that I need to watch again and again to take it all in. Is there any chance that you might be able to put all of the worship music together on a CD, MP3, or download that we could purchase? That would be so Awesome!

  9. Joann Medina (verified owner)

    What a tremendous experience! The richness of the presence of God from the worship to the word has no distance. We were able to join in online and I am so happy we could attend from across the country. It allowed for a deep dive in the spirit and gain revelation and impartation and that makes this move of God a mighty force across the land! The line up was a “must” and what a gift each of you are to the body of Christ! Thank you to all who worked so hard on this we honor and appreciate you! Sending our love to you from New York!

  10. Cyndi Hadlock

    Thank you and everyone else so much for all that you did to put this ASCEND Conference together it was amazing!! All all the speakers were beyond amazing I gleaned from every one of them and I can’t wait to see the few I missed and relisten to the replays! I left Idaho almost 5 years ago, and if I was still there I would’ve been there in person!

  11. Mildred Layman (verified owner)

    I am glad I invested the time and money to attend the Ascend2022 event, and look forward to the replay

  12. Erin Russo (verified owner)

    Loved the conference thanks so much..
    Getting into it once you sent the link when I couldn’t access…it worked very well.
    Time differences bit tricky.
    Are we able to get recorded sessions we watched or ones we missed please?
    I missed some having been unwell our Sunday…your Saturday.
    Learnt heaps…great inspiration by Kat Kerr…love her sooo much. Makes sense what she reveals. Bless you all and thank you again.
    The best is yet to come!!

  13. Katherine Harbour (verified owner)

    Each of the speakers gave a valuable facet, fitting together to empower me to ‘ascend’. I went up an escalator, wasn’t a mountain… I only went so high, and I didn’t see anything. I very much appreciate your saying to give myself grace for the ascent, acclimating as I go. My going up will be mine alone, not someone else’s, it will look, and feel different than someone else’s. Thank you Lord, I’m on my way!!
    Thank you for this opportunity, thank you for the preparation, the work and workers!!

    I had hoped to leave having my hearing restored, it has yet to manifest. With that, if possible, please caption the videos!!

    By the way, I was not falling asleep, I was praying ❤️

  14. Nancy McGeown (verified owner)

    Yes, the worship was awesome!! Even though I have been wrestling with grief and decisions that I have to make for my mentally ill sister, I was able to enter into worship. By the end of each night, tears were streaming down my face! My sister was put on a 72 hour hold and then released with no inpatient follow up! Basically, it is up to me to find the next level of care. She does qualify for nursing home care. She has been physically, emotionally, and spiritually abused so there is much to untangle. I need wisdom to know how to gently loose the enemy’s strategy.
    I was not able to watch all of the speakers to this conference, but I know that the Lord has imparted gems that will come to pass. I have been seated in the heavenlies with Papa and Jesus and have entered into the Father. I want more of what God has instored for me!
    Whenever I get the opportunity, I will watch the replays. Pray for my sister Susan to be set free!
    Nancy McGeown

  15. Sherrian Doyle (verified owner)

    I love you guys and I m not real adept at Facebook etc. When we ascended last night during worship Jesus came down on a giant golden thrown, with a golden crown of thorns( very unexpected). There was golden sparkling oil coming down from him and running down from the thrown as it touched America and the oil flowed out across the nation. Then I saw Jesus descend on golden thrones all over the earth to different nations and the same thing happened in each nation and he was on all these thrones. Nothing could stop the oil flow, not mountains, water, the earth and it didn’t want to. It saturated everything, like it had purpose to restore everywhere it touched. I was taken aback that the crown was golden thorns, but he was smiling so I knew it didn’t hurt him. EVERYTHING was in that golden oil and he was now the king of all kingdoms. He sometimes threw his head back and laugh and I knew tremendous revelation was being released. Soon, the golden oil merged and all his thrones were connected, yet each nation had its own part of heaven and his kingdom. THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU AND ALL THE REVELATION TEACHING. I m 69 years young, I went through hell for two decades after Holy Spirit had me frame the world of my family with his word and proclamations and in a few churches two. Eventually the religious spirits drove me out of church but I would whisper, I still believe , I still believe, though the vision tarries it will not die, it will not die. I could hardly get out of bed. Father had me prophesy our character, destiny, witty inventions and creative ideas, legal teams, building, staff, wealth etc. day after day, year after year. I went to Christian business training and people thought I was crazy cause they didn’t think I could do. I got hit with the glory from Rodney Howard brown as he prophesied business and wealth. It was so powerful I felt like my flesh was melting off my bones and he was 200 ft away. By the time he got to me I was in a fetal position trying to hide cause I thought I was dying. It happened twice about 45 minutes the first time, so I sat somewhere else and he got me again for 2 more hours. And all hell broke loose. I loved my pastors, my churches, the people. I poured out the heart of God. But when things started to happen to me I was told it’s because of me. My sons hated what they did to me and left and are still struggling with their identity. My husband was law enforcement and could read people and he picked out who my enemies were and tried to get me to leave. He was right, but I loved them and prayed for them and I left in love. So here I am, moved to Ohio,realizing that it’s time for harvest. I’ve had 7 eye surgeries,three of which was corneal transplants, ended up with my thyroid near a total collapse, I m getting shots in the right eye, once a month.,became a heart patient with rapid heart beats so fast 194 that they didn’t know how I was alive. Ringing ears, hit with Covid before they knew what it was, hit again , and more stuff. Now, let me tell you, Jesus knew this was coming 30 years ago when I prophesied I gave eagle eyes, strength of my youth will not be abated and my eyes shall not grow dim. I will run and not grow weary, I have the Sara anointing of youth. ,resurrection power lives in me, I am healthy wealthy and wise ,my sons are mighty men of valor, we will live and not die and declare his works. We are healthy wealthy and wise, tender hearted kind, forgiving and we will serve the the Lord and our destinies will live and not die. I will not be defeated, the greater one lives in me, I am strong in the Lord and the power of his might. My family will serve the Lord and as a Georgia prophet said to me ,they will honor you and call you blessed. I don’t care if Jesus keeps me hidden forever, but I will fight, I will prophesy, I will love till I have no breath and ONLY THE HOLY GHOST CAN DECIDE THAT. THANK YOU FOR HEARING MY TESTIMONY. This was like being in the crystal sea, being washed, cleansed and restored and peace, peace ,peace. I will be following you and I will pray for you. Jesus is restoring my song. That was probably the hardest because I love to sing to father and Jesus. The worship took me to a place that I couldn’t find anymore, but I can now. I love all the speakers, I love you guys, I didn’t know about you, I do now. Sherry

  16. Renee Hartelius (verified owner)

    It was important for me to tell you about my digital/on-line experience.
    First off – I loved the conference. It was such a God thing that I even knew about it. I was scrolling through my You Tube videos and came across Kat Kerr talking about it. And I said that is for me. The hunger has been just a small spark, more like an ember. LIfe’s problems just got in the way and weighed me down. BUT GOD…has been working with me showing me the way out. This conference showed me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what I want my life to look like. I am still in the early birthing stages of walking with and being led by the Spirit of God. I have to rely on the Holy Spirit to teach me since I have not been able to find a local church that comes close to what I see in your speakers like Hank, Nathan, Bobby, or Kat. What and how they present gives me a hunger to want what they have.
    When Bobby was speaking and talking us through Ascending. I did have a wonderful experience. I did not see wonderful pictures of heaven but I knew I was not here on earth, I was outside of me in a total place of peace. It gave me such a longing.
    I would like to speak to areas that were frustrating to me. When you post the times for future events can you please put PST after them. Being on the East Coast my brain did not automatically go there until I saw something that said LA time. I also registered for the conference and got an email confirming but I had to contact support to get a link for the conference. I am not a technology guru so the technology aspect was a little hard for me.
    Anyway, I can not wait to get the link to rewatch the Six sessions. And I am hoping to join Nathan’s conference (digitally) in August.
    Please thank everyone for their hard work in putting this conference on.
    Renee Hartelius
    Chesapeake, VA

  17. Lynette Shorten (verified owner)

    I’m from Australia, am a 66 year old widow. Id like to give you a small testimony on what I’ve heard so far.

    I’ve struggled for many years after my husband died to get back into God‘s presence. Then I was horrendously ill and am in my seventh year of climbing back out of the hole from Illness. I think that I’ve become hard, bitter and disillusioned, even though God has been able to get through in many ways. I try to reconnect but find this difficult!

    I live in a complex of two bedroom units. The body Corp committee is nasty and Rules and reigns over the place. Since being connected with Steve Schultz, Elijah Streams and Kat Kerr I’ve been praying along those lines of Kat’s. I love Elijah Streams and all the prophets yet have still struggled with knowing how to face life and what to do especially as this is now my home and I’m faced with this situation constantly.

    I just managed to catch some of Nathan French’ episode the first day and some of Becky talking. Without knowing much more than that, I realised that in Becky’s activation (today) (Sunday 1st May – Aust) that I was at the bottom of the mountain looking at the trees. however God showed me that my place was at the top of the mountains over and above the circumstances and situations!.

    It helped me realise that in this complex my role is to bring peace, love and harmony. That’s my biggest take away from Nathan French’s message. Love that guy!

    I live on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. Even though I’m loyal to Australia I would absolutely love to move to the US and to attend all these amazing meetings.

    I’ve also been following Clay Clark, (ReAwaken America) and watched the one in Oregon. I keep myself updated on the Shift in the USA and pray accordingly. Yay God!

    Re Cost of course:
    I do not regret the little bit of money that I’ve paid to get access to this amazing meeting. It has given me direction, boosted me and helped me in this difficult time in my life.

    When Kat Kerr prayed and imparted to the camera, both times I started weeping just with the awesomeness of God‘s presence and His love for us all.

    God bless you and all your team 1 million times.

    Can’t wait for the next session.
    It starts at 2:00am EST. Eastern Standard Time.

    Sorry that I went on a little bit but I had to explain my situation.

    God bless
    Lynette Shorten

  18. John Alban (verified owner)

    At the end of the first session with Bobby Haaby; he asked us to close our eyes and see what God would show us. This is the picture I saw:
    I was standing next to Abba Papa and I could only see His white robe up to his chest. He had His hand on my heart and I had my hand on my kids heart(s) at school. I felt I was to pass on His peace and love to them as He passed it on to me,

    Second picture after the session with Elizabeth Enloe:
    “Prudence” was playing the piano and I saw us (the church) as the keys of the piano and God as the Master Pianist and Composer. When we are in our right positions and in tune with Him, God is playing a composition through us, in us and with us. We are a complete work of His hands.

    During our prayer over the PNW at the end of Saturdays afternoon session with Nathan French I saw the following picture:
    I saw a dark dome like covering of oppression over the PNW. I saw God’s fist come down and smash the dome, shattering it and the light of God flooded down over and throughout our region.
    ~ Darlynn Wilson

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